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2016/2017 Winter Yard

A Perfect Storm of Sight and Sound (3.16.17)
Inuit Throat Singer Combines Ancient and Modern (3.16.17)
Inuit Throat Singer Sets New Tone (3.8.17)
Skate Troupe Le Patin Libre Heats Up Ice Arena (3.2.17)
Canadian troupe's show combine dancing and skating (2.24.17)
Le Patin Libre dancing on ice (2.21.17)
Nut/Cracked returns to Martha's Vineyard (12.2.16)
Get Nut/Cracked for the holidays (11.30.16)

2016 Yard Arts Summer Season

Friendships, Collaborations and New Paths through Internships (10.5.16)
Dance theater gets big at The Yard (8.16.16)
Identity and Belonging Explored by Artists on Martha's Vineyard (7.28.16)
Not Just for Relaxing, Martha's Vineyard is an Arts Incubator (8.4.16)
Relationships are Soul of Brenneman's New Show (6.11.16)
The Ticket: Dance Picks Boston Globe (6.24.16)
Headlong Dance Company presents an 'Island' of dance MV Times (6.23.26)
Japanese Performers dance in The Yard's Summer Season MV Times (6.2.16)
The Ticket: Dance picks Boston Globe (6.3.16)
50 Essential Summer Festivals The New York Times (5.20.16)
The Summer Dance Beat Begins at The Yard Vineyard Gazette (5.25.16)
Move More at The Yard's Community Dance Classes (2.9.16)

The Winter Yard 2015/16

Dancing to the Beat of a Hard Subject Vineyard Gazette (3.9.16)
A Year in Review MV Times (12.29.15)
A Nut to Crack at the PAC MV Times (12.2.15)
The Yard Dances to the Winter Beat Vineyard Gazette (12.3.15)

2015 Yard Arts Summer Season

"Dueting with Time," MV Times (9.10.15)
"The Yard prepares for The Bang Group," MV Times (8.26.15)
"Creative Freedom to Dance Everywhere Is Good News for All," Vineyard Gazette (8.21.15)
"The Yard Prepares for Pride, Not Prejudice 2, the Second Annual LGBTQ Festival," MV Times, (7.29.15)
"Dancing to the Beat of a Funny Bone," Vineyard Gazette (7.17.15)
"The Yard names Alison Manning new Executive Director," MV Times (6.18.15)
"The Yard sheds city lights on our neck of the woods," MV Times (6.18.15)
"Everybody Dance Now!" Vineyard Gazette (6.12.15)
"Dancing up a storm, and then some," MV Times (6.5.15)
"Summer Arts Preview: Dance Picks," The Boston Globe (5.18.15)
"50 Essential Summer Festivals," The New York Times (5.15.15)
"Charter Students Learn Dance as a Unifying Language," MV Gazette (2.23.15 )
"Sounds of Uganda and Rwanda transport Charter School students," MV Times (2.25.15)

2014 and prior

"Women of the Year: Moving and Shaking the Island Forward," MV Times (9.10.14)
"The Making of Making It," MV Times (8.27.14)
"Dancing With Pride at The Yard," MV Gazette (7.31.14)
"Blog The Yard," MV Times (7.22.14)
"The Yard Taps Out the Beat of Another Creative Summer," MV Gazette (7.10.14)
"Colorful Pairings from Many Nations," New York Times (5.14.14)
"Yard Workers Not Just Desk Jockeys," Vineyard Gazette (8.29.13)
"The Yard Begins Innovative, Unexpected, and Audience-Accessible Season" (6.11.13)



2016/17 Winter Yard season

Tanya Tagaq at the MV PAC (2.6.17)
Le Patin Libre at the MV Ice Arena (1.6.17)
Nut/Cracked by The Bang Group (10.27.16)
Silo at the Farm Institute (10.24.16)

2016 Yard Arts Season

StorySound Live feat. Dick Connette (9.7.16)
A.R.T. on the Vine (9.6.16)
DanceTheYard (8.25.16)
Big Dance Theater (8.10.16)
Malpaso Dance Company (8.2.16)
Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group (7.20.16)
Sandglass Theater (7.19.16)
Pride, Not Prejudice 3 (7.12.16)
Camille A. Brown & Dancers (7.6.16)
H.O.W. Journal | Alison Weaver (6.30.16)
Amy Brenneman and Sabrina Peck (6.28.16)
The Bang Group and Caleb Teicher (6.24.16)
Dorrance Dance with Nicholas Young (6.23.16)
Luke Murphy/Attic Projects (6.5.16)
The Schonberg Fellows (5.31.16)
Eiko and Koma (5.26.16)
Announcing the 2016 Yard Arts Season - Full (4.20.16)

2015/16 Winter Yard Season

Announcing National Grants in Support of Artists and Community Service (3.17.16)
Le Patin Libre's "Vertical Influences" (3.15.16)
Everett Company's "Freedom Project" (2.16.16)
Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish at the CCC (1.26.16)
Nut/Cracked (12.5.15) 
Hallow's Eve (8.30.15) 
The Yard presents The Winter Yard this Hallow's Eve and Halloween Night MV Times(10.8.15)

2014/15 Season

A.R.T. on the Vine (9.8.15)
DanceTheYard (9.1.15)
Janie Geiser & Co. (8.19.15)
The Bang Group (8.12.15)
Dorrance Dance with Nicholas Young (8.11.15)
Malpaso Dance Company (7.31.15)
Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company (7.29.15)
Pride, Not Prejudice (7.21.15)
Marvelous Marvin (7.16.15)
Abby Bender and Cassie Tunick (7.7.15)
Lohse, Marquis, Oakley (7.2.15)
Paul Taylor 2 (6.29.15)
Luck Plush Productions (6.23.15)
Bridgman|Packer Dance (6.16.15)
Sandglass Theater (6.19.15)
Kimberly Bartosik, Trainor Dance (6.11.15)
Schonberg Fellows (6.5.15)
2015 Yard Arts Season! (5.15.15)

2014 Season

Bessie Awards Creator DRW honored in NYC (10.17.14)
The Yard Presents DanceTheYard! (8.26.14)
The Yard presents Aparna Ramaswamy of Ragamala Dance (8.14.14)
Arlen and Lexie Roth (8.8.14)
The Yard Presents "Black Girl" by Camille A. Brown (8.6.14)
Marvelous Marvin (8.4.14)
Pride Not Prejudice (7.19.14)
Yin Mei Dance (7.17.14)
Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company (7.9.14)
Adam Barruch Dance and Steeledance (6.16.14)
Classes at The Yard. Dance, Yoga, Workshops (6.6.14)
Bessie Schonberg Residency and Performances (6.5.14)
2014 Yard Arts Season (5.1.14)
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Grant (4.23.14)

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