Title: Artist Services Intern
Status: Seasonal
Reports to: Director of Artist Services and Senior Staff
Works with: Festival Performers, Community Programmers/Organizations and Institutions, contractors, office staff, and fellow Interns.
Dates: May 16-September 16
Focused Responsibilities: Head of Artist Hospitality, Aiding in Booking Artist Travel, General Management, Event Planning, and Scheduling
Core Skills Required: Detail Oriented, Efficient Multi-Tasking, Strong Organization and Time Management Skills
The Artist Services Intern assists the Associate Director of Development/Artist Services Coordinator with day-to-day operations and management at The Yard.  The successful candidate is responsible for a wide variety of logistics, management, and customer relations.  Artist service duties include conducting orientation meetings, assisting in the coordination of housing and transportation, and welcoming artists on arrival days, informing them of the schedule, answering questions about island living, distributing necessary forms, and informing artists about events and amenities on island, etc.  The Artist Services Intern plays a major role before, during, and after each visiting artists’ residency at The Yard.  This person who holds this position works to plan and execute the annual summer benefit with fellow staff and interns. This position offers the possibility to perform and/or work on an independent art project over the course of the summer, to be presented as part of the annual staff and intern presentation at The Yard.

Successful candidates for this position must demonstrate a genuine interest in artist communications, event planning, and management.  The Artist Services Intern works with all departments to make sure all aspects of the summer festival and campus life for all residents run smoothly. The Artist Services Intern is also responsible for aiding senior staff with daily operations and any general tasks required, not specific to Artist Services. For more information go to Overview of Internship Program.