photo by sally cohn

photo by sally cohn


Can I apply to more than one of the intern positions?

You will complete an application for one position and be asked at the end about your interest in others. If you indicate you are interested in another position, we may consider you for that role, in which case we will reach out to learn more about your qualifications. Please submit only one application.

Do I have to be a dancer in order to apply for this internship?

No, you do not have to be a dancer, however, The Yard is interested in creatively-minded, artistically-driven individuals, no matter their discipline. If you are a dancer, lighting designer, graphic designer, filmmaker, video artist, marketer, costume designer, actor, painter, poet, or some other type of creative, we would love for you to apply. That said, The Yard is a dance focused organization and interns must be interested to learn more about and participate in the form.

I have a conflict with the internship dates (I have to come late, leave early, or be gone for part of the summer); should I apply?

Preference goes to candidates who are available for the entire duration of the internship. That said, we have made exceptions in the past for outstanding candidates. Please be clear in your application about the specifics of your conflict and know that if it requires more than one week away, you will not be considered.

I am unable to attend one of the informational webinars. Can I still apply?

We strongly encourage you to work your schedule around a webinar. For outstanding candidates, we may make an exception. Please email, if you are unable to participate in a webinar.

When will I find out if I am accepted to the internship program?

Top candidates will have a video interview with Yard staff and can expect to hear by the end of March if not sooner.

Where do I live during the internship?

All interns live in the staff house on property. You will room with one other intern. The house contains a full kitchen, two bathrooms, an additional outdoor shower, living room, and laundry facilities.

Should I bring my car with me?

If you have a car, yes! We do have two company cars available for artist transportation, errands, and very limited personal use. A personal car will allow you more flexibility and independence in your free time.

How many days off do we get? Will I have a lot of free time?

We take Sundays off with rare exception. You will have some evenings free and work others. Be prepared to work long hours six days a week, knowing that “what you put in is what you’ll get out” of the internship.

What questions are on the application?

Click here to download the application questions preview. These are for preparation purposes: you must still apply online.


Possibly the most creatively fulfilling opportunity

-  Zach Khoo, Media and Communications Intern, 2016

The Yard becomes your family - you will live, work, dance, and create with an amazingly passionate and talented crop of people who will also guide you in growing as an artist, a teacher, and a better person. 

- Maggie Lipton, Community Programs and Education Intern, 2016

I feel very grateful to have had the experience that I did last summer and I cannot explain how much I feel it has prepared me for further experiences. … I’m amazed at how all those projects have allowed me to further my skills and abilities and have continued to carry throughout my work outside of the Yard.

- Danielle Doell, 2014 Intern

The Yard and a summer spent falling in love with the vineyard and calling it home. The last 4 months have been nothing but eye opening and magical. Thank you to my fellow interns, Senior Staff, and the slew of Yard artists who helped me grow in my understanding of dance and movement as a language.

- Ashley Stock, 2014 Intern