Harrison Pearse Burke
Production Manager and Resident Lighting Designer


Harrison Pearse Burke is a Boston-based Lighting Designer and Production Manager. At the Yard, Harrison has designed for Rosie Herrera, LMN03, Ragamala, Ruth Childs, Raphael Xavier, Caleb Teicher, and their own company, DanceTheYard. When not on the Vineyard, Harrison is the Assistant Lighting Director of the Boston Ballet and the Dance Production Manager of the Celebrity Series of Boston. Other credits include collaborations with The Davis Sisters, Danza Organica, The Wondertwins, Reciprocity Collaborative, Fresh Ink Theater, Heather Stewart Dance, Abby Bender, LanDforms Dance, Bonnie Duncan & The Gottabees, and Patchtax. Harrison is a graduate of the Boston University School of Design & Production, BFA in Lighting Design, Magna Cum Laude.