Please carefully follow all instructions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

1.    Internship Application Form
2.    One Cover Letter describing:
        a.    why you are applying for this internship
        b.    what you expect to learn and accomplish during the internship
        c.    your qualifications for this role and the specific area of interest (if applying for more than one area of interest, please include your qualifications for each role in separate paragraphs) 
3.    Professional Work Resume
4.    Dance/Performance Resume
5.    Current Dance Photograph and Video Link
        a.    The video link should be a short solo clip of you introducing yourself and showing a movement or performance phrase that represents you as a dancer and mover.  Please submit a Vimeo or youtube link (with password if applicable) in your application.  
        b.    If you are not a dancer, please provide a photo of yourself and a visual or performing arts sample
6.    Additional requirements for select internship positions:
       a.    Media & Communications Intern: two design samples: 1 visual sample (poster, flyer, website, photograph) and 1 videography sample to display either videography or editing abilities.

To Submit:
File names should be saved as: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_POSTIONAPPLYINGFOR_Document.pdf
For Example: 
SMITH_JOHN_TECH_InternApplication.pdf and

Send ONE email with all materials combined as TWO PDF attachments.
PDF 1 Internship Application
PDF 2 ALL Supporting Materials (Cover Letter, Resumes, Photograph, Video Link, and Work Samples I/A)
Enter on email subject line: 
Last Name, First Name, Position Applying For
For Example:
Smith, John, Tech Internship Application and Support Materials


Priority Consideration:     

  • Application in Full received by January 15
  • Applicant will be notified by Feb. 1 if being considered for a Skype interview 


  • Application received by February 15
  • Applicant will be notified by March 1 if being considered for a Skype interview 

We appreciate your interest and look forward to receiving your materials.  
If you have any questions, please email address below or call 508.645.9662

Please email all materials to: