A dance-making and movement problem-solving initiative in the schools and across island generations and cultures! 

upcoming events


Will Brown

December 18th - 21st
Capoeira in Schools


Sandglass Theater

January 16th-21st
Puppet Workshops

In schools and for adults, performance of Puppet Vignettes on Saturday, January 20th place and time TBD


Herve Koubi

January 23rd-26th

Herve Koubi workshops and lecture demonstration 



past events

HT Chen

Chen Dance Center on the island working with the MV Public Schools on learning about the early Chinese Settlers in America. Spring, 2017. 


Stefanie Batten Bland

Making It Artist in residence working with island schools and community dancers

Stefanie Batten Bland and Company work with island schools in a classroom setting to create, explore movement patterns, and learn about environmental responsibility through dance. Company SBB also spends time with island community members and the improvisational island dance troupe What's Written Within. 


Godfrey Muwulya

Godfrey Muwulya, dance educator, was on island for four amazing and creative weeks as a part of The Yard's "MAKING IT: Kids Make Dance" dance-making and movement problem-solving initiative in the schools and across island generations and cultures! He worked extensively with The Charter School's 5th and 6th grade classroom, syncing his teaching with a social studies unit on Africa. The children learned three traditional African dances from Uganda and Rwanda, had discussions about Ugandan culture, constructed traditional raffia skirts, and performed for the entire school and their parents! While on island, Godfrey also taught one day workshops for The Edgartown School and Bridge Program, Chilmark School, Home Schools, and Oak Bluffs School.

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MAKING IT is The Yard's dance-making curriculum and creativity initiative that is available to all Martha's Vineyard Public, Charter, Home Schools, and The YMCA. MAKING IT is a model that uses dance as an outlet to connect curricular themes, build student collaborations, spark creativity, and support critical thinking. The Yard achieves this through multi-week workshops with a team of professional staff members and nationally acclaimed visiting artists. All workshops are designed on a individual basis; discussions with administration heads and classroom teachers work closely with a MAKING IT staff member to design the program for their specific classroom needs.  The Yard is committed to the success of MAKING IT and has pledged to absorb 100% of the program's cost. MAKING IT is currently supported by The Doris Duke Charitable Fund, The Tower Foundation, Ford Fun, Permanent Endowment of Martha's Vineyard, Farm Neck Foundation, and The Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank.