Kurt Holm

Kurt Holm began his career in Finance in Houston, TX, in 1984 with Shearson American Express. Relocating to the Wall Street office in 1986, Kurt continued his 8-year stint as a Registered Rep in New York City. Toward the end of his Wall Street days, Kurt hired a business coach out of Atlanta who ultimately convinced him to use his innate consulting skills in a different manner and, in 1992, Kurt joined his firm working strictly with the major brokerage firms (Paine Webber, Prudential, Smith Barney, etc.) across the country to help financial advisors grow their businesses. 

Seeking to develop a more diverse clientele and remain closer to home, Kurt set out on his own and quickly developed a wide-ranging clientele. In 1996, he formed Xoterik, Inc. and has since served small and mid-sized businesses in the US and Europe. His expertise lies in strategic planning and operation of businesses from $2M - $20M in Revenue across a diverse range of industries, which include law, medicine, luxury goods, retail, non-profits, design, manufacturing, financial services, artists & photographers, and tech/dev. While being well-versed in all aspects of running a small company, Kurt’s primary strengths center around strategic planning, finance, HR/staffing, tech, social media, and digital engagement.

On a personal level, Kurt enjoys staying active, cooking and spending time with his family and dog.