Title: Media and Communications Intern
Status: Seasonal
Reports to: Marketing Director, Executive Director, and Senior Staff
Works with: Dancing Camera Director Nic Petry, Marketing Director, Company Staff, Festival Performers, Local Media Personnel, Community Businesses, Fellow Interns
Dates: May 16-September 16
Focused Responsibilities: Videoing and Archiving of all Yard and community performances and programming, creation of 2-3 Yard season video projects, updating social media, assisting with Design of Posters, Handouts, Advertisements, and Media Relations
Core Skills Required: Film making & Video archiving 

*Dance and/or Visual Artists interested in the genres of video & photography are strongly encouraged to apply; secondary visual arts interests in painting, drawing, and graphic design are considered as well. Work samples are required to be submitted for this position.

The Media and Communications Intern is highly detail-oriented, creative, and has an eye for layout design and specifically performance videography and archiving. This candidate has the ability to work effectively in a group and with multiple supervisors.  A successful applicant will have experience in videography, video editing (adobe suite series and/or Final Cut Pro), sound integration, and basic graphic design or computer publishing. This applicant must be open to learning new software and willing to take innovative approaches to capture, produce and market work for a small performing arts non-profit. Experience analyzing website data, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are a plus. Knowledge of Adobe software (specifically Photoshop and/or InDesign and/or Illustrator), Final Cut Pro, and Microsoft (Word, Publisher, Excel) are strongly encouraged.  Design opportunities will include posters, flyers, and advertisements, and weekly responsibilities on specific deadlines will require updating social media, and assisting in arranging press interviews/photo shoots with newspapers and TV/radio stations. Candidates are responsible for video archiving every performance and program at The Yard.  

The Media and Communications Intern will work directly with The Yard’s Marketing Manager and help maintain an archival press binder, and be mentored and support on the overall graphic design projects for the organization.  The successful candidate will be responsible for all Yard media equipment, and train with NYC’s Dancing Camera's Executive and Creative Director, Nic Petry at the start of the season.  This position offers the possibility to perform and/or work on an independent visual art project over the course of the summer, to be presented as part of the annual staff and intern presentation at The Yard.  Successful candidates will demonstrate a genuine interest in film and dance film, be extremely well organized and responsible for sensitive equipment, and be highly detail-oriented, proactive, and efficient.

The Media and Communications Intern is also responsible for aiding senior staff with daily operations and any general tasks required, not specific to Communications or Marketing. For more information go to Overview of Internship Program. 

**Media and Communications Intern candidate must include two work samples with their application; 1.  A video project and/or archival video footage of their own creation 2.  A graphic design or visual art sample .