photo by sally cohn

photo by sally cohn

all ages dance
& Dances for a variable population 

with naomi goldberg haas

Workshops August 21 - 25

Dances for a Variable Population Workshops
led by Goldberg Haas

Date: August 21-25 | 9-10:30am
Location: The Yard's open-air studio
Pricing: $15 per class

Dances for a Variable Population was created for the dancer coming back to the studio. Beginning with a standing warm-up opening the spine, expanding physical space, the class moves through a combination of contemporary and traditional dance techniques, yoga influenced and release based work. Focusing on correct alignment, articulation and connected movement, the class also includes a floor work section informed by Pilates strengthening. Concerned with moving from full expression and purpose, the work integrates the thinking body with the emotional body. Class is completed with adaptable large phrase movement across the floor.

Lecture Demonstration with Naomi Goldberg Haas

Date: Wednesday, August 23rd | 11am-12:30
Location: The Yard, Chilmark
Free Event

Understand how Dances For A Variable Population brings the power of dance to communities throughout NYC. Based on the core values of appreciating one’s own body and moving with other people, this demonstration will take participants through movement experiences that access greater mobility, self-confidence, physical awareness, social interaction, expressiveness in movement, and a greater sense of meaning. 

All Ages Dance with Naomi Goldberg Haas | Lecture Demonstration & Movement Workshop
led by Goldberg Haas with guest performances by DanceTheYard and What's Written Within

Date: Thursday, August 24 | 6-8pm
Location: Chappaquiddick Community Center
Free Event

A Dance workshop celebrating strong and creative movement for people of all ages and abilities led by Naomi Goldberg Haas, artistic director of NYC based Dances for a Variable Population with The Yard's Director of Island Programs and Education, Jesse Keller Jason, performers of DancetheYard and the Island Based ensemble, What's Written Within.

Based on the core values of appreciating one’s own body and moving with other people, the program shares dance as a tool for connection, inspiring more expressiveness in movement, and a greater sense of meaning.  We start by acknowledging each individual’s history and take each participant forward from that place, all contributing to making life filled with greater contentment, well being and a discovery in the joys in movement.

Program will be 1.5 hours in length and will include dance performance and group dance making.
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