Creation Residencies by artists and companies (or otherwise collaborating groups) are the defining paradigm of The Yard. The residency structure is a legacy of founder Patricia N. Nanon’s pioneering work with dance artists beginning in the early 1970’s, and, over the years, has become a valued local and national resource for artists and community alike.

For Yard staff, residency means the ability to transport, house and feed (and in the fairly unique case of The Yard, pay a weekly stipend to) up to 12 artists to live and work on The Yard’s campus for a period of time, as well as to support their working process in an appropriately staffed and equipped studio and theater environment.  Unlike other residency communities across the country, the Yard is generally focused on group/company residency, emphasizing the collaborative nature of art-making by creators and performers in contemporary dance, devised theater and music.

For selected artists, besides the chance to work in depth on their creative challenges, a Yard residency is also an invitation to work among the people and cultures who make up this rural island community.  We expect that our artists will rise to that occasion.

The Yard supports three categories of residency, which may overlap depending on the artists involved:

Offshore Creation Residencies

2 to 3 weeks in length, with daily access to studio and/or theater,  with option to lead community class or residency-related workshop, culminating in a minimum of 2 public performances;

Community Residencies

2 to 3 weeks in length, with daily access to studio and/or theater but with  significant involvement outside The Yard, with community constituencies and site-specific contexts, culminating in 2 or more public performances;

Presentation Residencies

1 week in length, in general (except for festival drop-in performances), focused on a minimum of 2 public performances, but with a week of involvement on campus and in the community. 

Residencies are often decided a year in advance, and may be designed curatorially in relationship to themed series or festivals (e.g., TapTheYard:  A Festival of Rhythm and Beats;  FOLLIES:  Women Dance the Comic).

All residency artists are hand selected by Yard staff only after viewing live performances or showings.  There is no formal application process for interested artists however, we encourage you to send press kits and information to The Yard for review.  The Yard plans residency slots up to 2 years in advance.