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past workshops

Ballet for the Older Body 

With Kate Stephan
Monday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 18th

Dances for a Variable Population Workshops

With Naomi Goldberg Haas
August 21-25 | 9-10:30am
August 24 | 6-8pm


Moving For Life and BodyMind Dancing

Movement workshops and discussion with Martha Hart Eddy
August 15 - 17

Kate Stephan, Ballet for the Older Body

July 5, 6, 7 | 9-10:30am at The Yard

Sandglass Puppet Making

Shoshana Bass and Jana Zeller Sandglass Theater guide participants in constructing their own rod puppet and learning basic manipulation techniques. 

photo by sally cohn

DEL Workshop

Hosted by DEL Ambassador Deborah Damast and coordinated by DEL Student and Yard Education Director Jesse Keller.

marvelous marvin

In Marvelous Marvin’s "Brain Circus" learn circus skills: juggling props, balancing sticks, spinning plates, flip-and-flyers, hula hoops, rhythm sticks, and romper stompers. The dancing never ends.

heels workshop

Unleash your inner diva in Pump Performance, a dance class in heels that combines elements of Jazz and Hip Hop. 

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Juba and Other Social Dances

Rooted in the African-American vernacular, this workshop led by Camille A. Brown celebrates the power of African-American social dance and its impact on American dance forms.