Photo by JC Dhien

Photo by JC Dhien


Company SBB // Stefanie Batten Bland

Bienvenue欢迎WelcomeBienvenidoأهلا بك,

Saturday, April 6th | 7:00pm
Location: The Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center

$25 General
$15 Seniors, Students, Active Military and Veterans
$5 Children Under 12
Behind the Counter and Membership discounts apply

Company SBB // Stefanie Batten Bland

Photo by Sally Cohn

Photo by Sally Cohn

Company SBB // Stefanie Batten Bland is an interdisciplinary dance-theatre company based in New York City. Unguarded by abstraction and undeterred by convention, the emotional content of Company SBB's work is directly accessible; its powerful emotional, social, and philosophical message is visceral. Their site-specific dance installations address political, psychological, historical, and social events woven into performance and film.


photo by Theo Cote

photo by Theo Cote

Welcome, is a collaboration between choreographer Stefanie Batten Bland, visual artist Benjamin Heller, and composer Paul Damian Hogan. In it, Batten Bland voices her concerns as an artist and global citizen and considers what it means to truly embrace and share space with others. Countering the present political climate in which walls have become synonymous with barriers that separate people and places, Welcome… considers the graffiti decorated walls of cities as communal canvases that express the past and present of its neighborhood people. A mural comprised of paintings created by and with community members is an integral part of the hour-long dance-theatre creation.  

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