company stefanie batten bland photo by Marc Lecureuil of Germe with Mistral Hay

company stefanie batten bland photo by Marc Lecureuil of Germe with Mistral Hay

The Bessie Schonberg Fellows

Stefanie Batten Bland
Dylan Crossman
Rosie Herrera

3 World Premieres!  

Thursday, June 9 at 8pm
Saturday, June 11 at 6:30pm

Performance Location: The Yard, Patricia N. Nanon Theater
Run time: 1hr 10min

$25 General Admission
$15 Seniors, Students and Military
$5 Children under 12
Membership and Behind The Counter discounts apply

Learn about "Up Close and Personal with the Schonberg Fellows" June 10th!

The 2016 Bessie Schonberg Legacy Choreography Residency includes Stefanie Batten Bland, Dylan Crossman, and Rosie Herrera. During their 3-week residency, the choreographers will work with collaborating performers and other artists under guest Yard mentor David Brick, Co-Artistic Director of Philadelphia's HEADLONG Dance Theater, to create brand new work developed while on island. Join us to see where all the new research and Vineyard inspiration take these emerging creators in the works-in-progress performance.

The Bessie Schonberg Fellows are recipients of The Yard's 2015 Offshore Creation Residency, which enables the artists to pursue their explorations of what matters most.

Stefanie Batten Bland

"Stefanie Batten Bland doesn’t simply choreograph bodies, she orchestrates environments. The dancers and their actions are but an element of her encompassing vision. "

- The Dance Enthusiast (2015)

Stefanie Batten Bland is a choreographic artist and artistic director of Company Stefanie Batten Bland (Company SBB). Performing worldwide original works by artistic director and founder Stefanie Batten Bland.  Founded in France in 2008, Company SBB quickly caught the attention of presenters, fellow artists and audiences with its award winning futuristic environments, extraordinary performers and intellectually ambitious creations which highlight the delicate threads that sew us to one another as people and to our planet. Company SBB in 2016 is one of the Schonberg Fellows at The Yard and in 2015 was the Kevin Spacey Foundation’s Artist of Choice Awardee for the USA.  Hailed by the New York Times for its “full bodied movement…” if the Matrix franchise had a dance company this would be it.”

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Dylan Crossman

Dylan Crossman moves like a charged wire, a dancer with a muscularity and poise that leaves one wondering how it could be possible to transition from one movement to another with such clarity, speed and direction.  

- Kevin Taylor, Thorus Arts (2015)

Crossman Dans(c)e- was created in 2013 and looks at identity issues in human behavior. It has been presented at DanceRoulette (under the curation of Jennifer Lafferty); at the 92nd street Y's Fridays at noon series; Looking to the Future and The Dancing Man; at Abrons Art Center as a part of Laurie Uprichard's Travelogues series and Oscillating While Dreaming, a trio, was commissioned by the Museum of Arts and Design to be performed alongside artist's Wendell Castle's outdoors bronze sculptures.

Rosie Herrera

Her imagination knows no bounds. Some see an affinity to Pina Bausch, with her pungent gestural vocabulary, surreal images, motley crew of obsessive individuals, and extravagant non-sequiturs. But Herrera, who is based in Miami, draws deeply on her Latina roots. The result is a strong spicy voice that reveals the dark underside of human behavior—as well as its light side.

- Wendy Perron, 2015

Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre is known for its diverse ensemble that consists of some of Miami’ s most brilliant performers and creators ranging in genres from theater, performance art, opera, drag, and contemporary ballet. RHDT has had the privilege of performing 2 American Dance Festival commissioned pieces and premiering them at the festival as well enjoying unprecedented success in Miami. Their NYC premiere of Various Stages of Drowning A Cabaret was said by Kayt MacMaster of to be “so innovative, searing and disturbing…” that it warranted “repeat viewings…” and their recent NYC premiere of Dining Alone was hailed by Deborah Jowitt as “earthy, poetic and beyond dada imaginative.”