photo by Sally Cohn

photo by Sally Cohn

Split Bill

Thursday, October 5:
DanceTheYard  & Shift: Contemporary Dance Forms
Friday, October 6:
Alyssa Gersony & DanceTheYard 
Saturday, October 7:
MElder Movement Art & Alyssa Gersony
Sunday, October 8:
Shift: Contemporary Dance Forms & MElder Movement Art

Tickets: $18 in advance, $22 at the door

DanceTheYard presents "atlas", delving into the internal map that is the human experience of self.  The performers exist between universes: longing for the past—maps already charted and traversed—and for the future, a map that has yet to be drawn.  Directionless at times, each one lives out their story, discovering their own path that might intersect along the way. "atlas" is a journey; one of self discovery and the building, breaking, and resurrecting of relationship, as bodies move through an experience in time and space, supporting one another and creating a map together. A map that is then left for another to be created.

The Split Bill program aims to serve emerging and mid-career artists looking for a stepping stone between the showcase format and evening-length self-production. Unlike many showcases, this series encourages the development of premiere, long-form pieces between 20 and 40 minutes. Split Bill presents all kinds of movement-based work with each night offering two different companies.